Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bonus Years

It gives me joy to be reminded everyday that after 70, I am living my bonus years. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord!

With this joy comes the search for meaning. What am I living for?

Looking back to my younger years I recall that my Grade IV teacher made us write our first theme “My Ambition” twice. The first time I wrote that I wanted to be a clown, obviously to make others happy. I did not become a clown by profession but I still am looking for opportunities to laugh and make others laugh. I am fond of joke books and joke sections in magazines are my priorities .

The second time I wrote about my ambition, I wanted to be a saint. But since we were taught since childhood that God is very serious in making us obey Him and He is ever ready to punish us when we do otherwise. For so long I believed that saints are forbidden from laughing. So how can I be a clown and a saint at the same time?

Lately, I began assuming that if God doesn’t laugh loud enough for us to hear maybe He smiles at our obstinacy to learn that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten (according to Robert Fulghum).

“This is the way I wash my hands (sing “Happy Birthday” 2 x while washing your hands to make you 99.9% free from AH1N1 virus}. :-)


  1. Way to go, Mommie! Nice blog.

  2. Hi, Inang, Congratulations on your new hobby!

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